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Going Pro+

  • Hours per week 80-120

  • Levels 6

  • American English

Aspiring young professionals aspire to study with Going Pro+!

Lessons are fun, dynamic and hands-on – just like the young people they are made for! The series follows a competency-based approach to learning English, and supports students in gaining linguistic competencies through a structured, inductive program, connecting topics with their communicative needs. Students develop their interpersonal competencies with collaborative teamwork in the classroom; and other competencies by combining knowledge, skills and values with digital tools to achieve task-based goals. And of course, they learn important job skills for their future professional lives. You can be sure your students will become well-balanced, independent, effective communicators, ready for the professional world.

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With Going Pro+, students will:

  • experience a range of real-world professional fields and situations in international contexts, with a focus on the CEFR occupational domain.
  • teach themselves and each other through exploratory learning.
  • develop critical-thinking, problem-solving and collaborative skills through real-life Case Studies – as well as improving their cognitive skills through Mind Gym activities!
  • strengthen and balance competencies from different domains, by evaluating arguments and reflecting on their beliefs and values through different speaking tasks.
  • analyze and discuss the importance of the values justice, freedom, solidarity and respect.
  • practice international certification formats via interactive mock exams at KET and PET level.
  • pick up practical tips for joining the professional world.

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Components and resources

Student's Book



Learn more about Going Pro+: Student's Book

This well organized, easy-to-use course is divided into four blocks – or one month of language instruction. Every block is broken down into a four-week sequence where each week has its own language focus, so students can absorb, practice and review as they learn, in a range of contexts and activities. Starting Off introduces each block, followed by Exploring, then a Pro Power video and real-life Case Study in week three, before finishing with Improving. Each block ends with a self-evaluation for students to rate their performance, then eight pages of Workbook activities. Students will find Pairwork Activities, a dictionary, an irregular verbs list, and Foldouts in the Appendices at the back of their book.

Starting Off
Week one begins with an exciting opener where students explore, discuss and solve a mystery or puzzle. The second lesson has listening and speaking activities thematically connected to the opener. Finally, students reflect on a specific grammar topic introduced earlier.

In week two, the first lesson is vocabulary related to the block’s topic. Then students explore different texts and reading strategies to enhance their reading experience, before motivating pairwork activities introduce writing. The week closes with grammar again.

Pro Power
In this lesson, students learn technical vocabulary, watch a video of a professional explaining their job, and do more communicative activities. They also reflect on four essential human values through analysis and discussion: justice, freedom, solidarity and respect.

Case Study
In lessons 2-3 of the third week, students are guided though a real-life Case Study and work in groups to find a creative solution by collaboration and critical thinking. They have to share these ideas meaningfully using technological tools.

In the last week of the block, students practice what they covered throughout the month. The second lesson is always a board game, and the last includes a Help Corner where students learn a particular professional tip useful for their future career, and a self-evaluation.

Tips boxes
Explanations and practical suggestions on how students can become better readers, writers and listeners, as well as using specific language items.


  • Three Pairwork Activities per block, where students work collaboratively to complete the task: each student has different information to communicate to the other using skills learned in the block.
  • A dictionary, including part of speech and definition.
  • Common irregular verbs list with the different forms.
  • Four full-color Foldouts for a range of communicative activities.

Learn more about Going Pro+: e-Workbook

Each Student’s Book block is followed by eight pages of Workbook exercises, to practice Vocabulary, Grammar, Listening and Speaking, Reading and Speaking, and Writing. The answer key is on the digital learning platform. Students can also access the brand new e-Workbook on the platform, where they can practice extra activities on grammar, vocabulary and skills interactively!

Learn more about Going Pro+: RLP

Students can access the brand new e-Workbook (the eWB), the entire digitized Workbook with audio recordings, scripts and answer key. They can also watch the Pro Power videos, listen to the Student’s Book and eWB audio, do Pairwork Activities, consult Grammar References and a dictionary, use the Foldouts, scan QR codes to explore the Student’s Book topics, and boost their reading and listening skills with the Skills Boost activities. Students will also want to practice vocabulary, grammar and skills online with interactive extra practice activities – and for students preparing for KET and PET certifications, there is a mock test per level.

Teacher's Guide


Learn more about Going Pro+: Teacher's Guide

The Teacher’s Guide gives you a list of the learning competencies at the beginning of each lesson, planning and support notes, and full answer keys for the Student’s Book. The lesson notes cover three stages to help you deliver successful lessons: the Opening Activity, the Development Activities and the Closing Activity. There are a variety of Mind Gym activities at the end of the book, for you to challenge students’ cognitive and coordination skills as well as their language skills!

Scope and Sequence
This overview summarizes the topics, language, skills and competencies covered in each block, as well as the Workbook practice activities.

Learning competencies
Clearly stated at the beginning of each lesson.

Opening Activity
This activity prepares your students linguistically and mentally for the day’s tasks.

Development Activities
This section aims to help you optimize your students’ learning and includes corresponding answer keys.

Closing Activity
Students will do a wrap-up focusing on fluency here.

Mind Gym
These challenging activities at the end of the book will develop your students’ cognitive skills like concentration, memorization and logical thinking.

Learn more about Going Pro+: RLP

Our accessible, user-friendly platform is your digital home from home! You can consult student and teacher resources, including audio, video, scripts and answer keys; online extra practice activities for language and skills; and exams and other evaluation tools. You can track assignments and projects through the mark book, and keep a record your students’ progress and performance. There are also suggested websites where you can find more activities and information.

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